Special Focus


March 6, 2024

Svitlana Mitina: “I love my machines as if they were my relatives. I know them perfectly, which is why I enjoy my work»

At the boiler house where Svitlana Mitina works, the boilers have a very thick lining, and when power outages occur, the boilers need to be cooled down quickly to prevent damage to heating networks and residential heating systems. During the last heating season, when Russia started targeting critical infrastructure in Ukraine leading to frequent emergency power outages, the boilers had to be...


March 6, 2024

Halyna Kuznets: “The new industrial salt supply chain allows Ukrainian heat supply enterprises to continue working.”

A cruise missile attack on the plant in the autumn of 2022 and a ballistic missile attack in 2023 caught Halyna Kuznets, the shift supervisor of the chemical workshop at one of the combined heat and power plants of a "Kyivski TETs" special division within Kyivteploenergo utility, at her workplace. The damage sustained by the combined heat and power plant due to these and other missile attacks was...


March 6, 2024

Olesia Zamkova: “I love my job, and I understand my role as an important part of the Ukrainian gas transportation system.”

The full-scale invasion of Russia of Ukraine radically changed the life of Olesia Zamkovа, the head of the testing laboratory of the Kharkiv Main Gas Pipeline Linear Production Divisions (MPLPD) of the Operator of the Gas Transport System of Ukraine (OGTSU). Part of the Kharkiv region was occupied, including the industrial site of the Borovа compressor station of Kharkiv MPLPD. Later, these...


March 6, 2024

Olena Kucheruk: «Responsible procurement combines price, quality, and timeliness»

We began our conversation with Olena Kucheruk, Manager of the Procurement Department at Kyivteploenergo, with the assumption that in the context of war and Russia's constant targeted shelling of Ukraine's energy infrastructure, the most important thing is the prompt supply of goods and services necessary to repair the damage and restore energy services.

Now is the war, so, for example, fuel or...


March 6, 2024

Ielyzaveta Badanova: “Millions of people, businesses, economic prosperity and energy security – all depend on how a legislative norm is formulated.”

Ielyzaveta Badanova cooperates with the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine (regarding the implementation of the REPowerEU program) and the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine as an expert on the development of the oil and gas part of the first Ukrainian national energy and climate plan.

February 11, 2024

Girls Choose STEM: Anastasiia Zbroy

Anastasiia Zbroy, a second-year student at Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas (IFNTUOG), believes that her decision to choose the Renewable Energy Engineering bachelor's program and pursue higher education in Ukraine despite the war was drastically influenced by the full-scale invasion and Russia’s targeted shelling of Ukrainian energy facilities.

Anastasiia, the only...

February 10, 2024

Women in Science: Iryna Vashchyshak

Scientist Iryna Vashсhyshak teaches several courses in the Renewable Energy Engineering bachelor’s program at the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, including the laboratory research course “Hydropower, Bioenergy, and Low-Potential Energy Sources,” the practical class called “Solar and Wind Energy,” and the “Energy Audit” lecture course. She is also the supervisor of...

Oleksandr Bulin

February 6, 2024

Energy security means confidence in the future

Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Oleksandr Bulin

The modern encyclopaedia defines energy security as the state of the electric power industry, which guarantees the technically and economically safe satisfaction of consumers' current and prospective energy needs. So, energy security means confidence in the future. It is when I go to bed and know that it makes sense to get up for work tomorrow because there will be electricity in the sockets to start it. When a mother of three children can schedule laundry for the weekend, she knows there is always water in the tap because the pumps directing it through the central pipeline work without interruption.

Kyrylo Kolomiyets

February 5, 2024

Implementing the best global experience to strengthen energy security will ensure Ukraine’s future development and prosperity

Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Kyrylo Kolomiyets

The energy security of Ukraine is essential, extremely complex, multifaceted, and one of the most relevant modern issues for my country.

The separate terms "security" and "energy" only partially reflect a deep understanding of energy security. Alone, they only provide a guide to the notions studied. The synergy of using these basic state categories together allows for a much deeper understanding of this meaning.