Helping Ukraine to Keep Energy Infrastructure Functional and Secure


Helping Ukraine to Keep Energy Infrastructure Functional and Secure


Helping Ukraine to Keep Energy Infrastructure Functional and Secure


It has been two years and counting since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The U.S. government, through USAID ESP, continues to stand with Ukraine and our national and local partners, including energy companies, to provide critical supplies of electricity, gas, heat, and hot water to people throughout Ukraine. 

In February 2024, the U.S. Government reaffirmed its commitment to bolster Ukraine in the face of Russia’s attacks. This followed a historic agreement between the Governments of the U.S. and Ukraine to improve energy sector resilience, including $422 million in new energy assistance. Throughout this war, USAID ESP is honored to continue leading the charge, expanding collaborations with Ukrainian Government partners and energy and electricity utilities to prepare for the coming winter (2024-2025) and further strengthen energy sector resiliency and stability. 

energy sequrity
Since the beginning of russia’s full-scale invasion, USAID ESP has provided

light 1,082


To help Ukrainian energy companies deliver power, gas, heat, and hot water supplies and support local authorities to provide primary medical services, sanitary care, and safe transport to civilians, particularly in damaged areas

Steel insulated pipes

pipe 125.5 km

of steel and pre-insulated pipes and 12,041 pieces of related materials

first aid 3,297

First aid kits

Plus 500 sets of personal protective equipment for electricity and district heating technicians and other frontline energy operators working to keep electricity, heat, and gas flowing in Ukraine.

First aid kits
Mobile power station

mobile power station 1

28 MW Gas turbine power plant

To supply electricity for 100,000 homes, hospitals, schools, and critical infrastructure.

autotransformer 8


Helping Ukrenergo to balance and maintain power flows across the network while transmitting electricity throughout Ukraine.

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Mobile boiler house

boiler house 122

Mobile boiler houses

To help municipalities provide steady supplies of heat during emergencies and shutdowns to hospitals and facilities for seniors and people with disabilities.

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shelters 243

Emergency shelters

To help to protect thousands of citizens and energy workers in temporary shelters from Russia’s strikes.

Emergency heating shelters
Industrial salt

salt 6,490 tons

Industrial salt

To support Ukraine’s energy generation needs and ensure the continued supply of heat and hot water to civilians.

pipe 77


To replace damaged pumps, prepare heating networks for the 2024-2025 heating season and build heating sector resilience


Excavators 74


To help operators of district heating and distribution system operators to repair damaged systems after Russia’s attacks and provide thousands of Ukrainians with electricity and heat this winter.

boiler 5

Stationary boiler houses

To help schools in the Kyiv oblast provide heat and hot water to children.

Stationary boiler houses
ipads and drones

drone 60

30 Drones and 30 iPads

To help the Gas Transmission System Operator, Ukrenergo, the electricity transmission system operator, remotely inspect pipelines and transmission lines and support the steady flow of power and gas to citizens.

ch3oh 6,007 tons


To help Naftogaz, the largest Ukrainian oil and gas company, continue producing and processing gas safely and securely, bringing steady access to heating and energy to millions of Ukrainian citizens and businesses.

current transformers

transformer 15

Current transformers

To allow regional distribution stations to restore functionality and provide millions of Ukrainians with access to electricity.

switch 24

Circuit breakers

To allow regional distribution substations to restore functionality and provide millions of Ukrainians with access to electricity.

circuit breaker

transformer 28

Sets of 245 kV and 330 kV disconnectors

With control cabinets to help Ukrenergo, Ukraine’s transmission system operator, restore damaged transmission substations throughout the country.

transformer 110

Power transformers

To help Ukrainian operators of electric distribution and district heating system restore local and national power grids, repair heating networks, and provide stable heat and electricity to citizens.

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power transformers

excavator 10

Bucket trucks

To restore overhead grid lines and maintain the stable operation of Ukraine’s Integrated Power System.

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switch 37

Еmergency vehicles

To repair damaged heating networks.

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Еmergency vehicles
mobile datacentre

switch 1

Mobile data center

To support Ukraine’s Gas Transmission System Operator to provide backup dispatch and other activities, allowing a smooth gas supply to citizens in Ukraine

transformer 1

Set of relay protection equipment

To help Ukrenergo, Ukraine’s electricity transmission system operator, restore operations at substations throughout the country.

relay protection
relay protection

switch 1

SET OF IT equipment

To strengthen the operations of Ukrenergo’s, Ukraine’s electricity transmission system operator, main and regional dispatch centers.

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Cogeneration units 91

Cogeneration Units Delivered, 18 Installed, and 50 Pieces of Related Equipment

Installed CGUs will help district heating systems keep heat flowing to citizens during planned and emergency outages this winter while also building long-term resilience in the heating system.

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Cogeneration units
Last updated May 09, 2024
About the project

USAID ESP works to enhance Ukraine’s energy security by improving the energy policy, legal and regulatory environment and increasing energy supply to achieve broad-based, resilient economic development to sustain Ukrainian democracy.

Since Russia’s invasion, USAID ESP has responded rapidly and consistently to meet the extensive needs of Ukraine’s energy sector and to keep heat, hot water and power flowing to all citizens during wartime.

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