May 27, 2021

Analysis and Recommendations on Market Rules Amendments

USAID ESP has prepared recommendations on the key points of draft NEURC Resolution “On Amending the Market Rules” concerning transparency in the market operation and data publication, frequency of imbalances and balancing invoicing period, terms and conditions for the reconciliation process.

April 15, 2021

Ancillary Services Monitoring

The USAID Energy Security Project (ESP) has been closely working with the Ukrainian electricity transmission system operator (TSO), Ukrenergo, on issues including ENTSO-E integration, network planning, system operation, and market reform implementation. The USAID ESP has been providing technical assistance to test the generation fleet, which will help certify power plants as ancillary service...

Energy Storage Ukraine USAID Energy Security Project

April 13, 2021

A pro-consumer, pro-markets approach to storage development in Ukraine

A storage approach similar to the EU’s current policy toward storage makes sense for Ukraine.

April 12, 2021

Condensing Economizer Installation at CHP-5

USAID ESP support of municipal partners meets the individual needs of each city. An example of this is assistance is collaboration with CU Kyivteploenergo to facilitate financing of several key investment projects under anticipated EBRD program as per Memorandum 2018 and to modernize Kyiv’s district heating system and increase the efficiency of management and customer service.

April 12, 2021

Implementation of Geoinformation System District Heating GIS at KTE

Implementation of the DH.GIS project at KTE will allow managing the district heating system of the capital online, promptly responding to accidents and reducing the possibility of their occurrence, offering solutions to ensure high-quality and uninterrupted heat supply, automatically updating information on DHS facilities due to integration with mobile laboratory equipment, etc.

USAID Energy Security Project District Heating

April 12, 2021

District Heating Sector

USAID ESP promotes strategic District Heating (DH) sector reforms by strengthening understanding of DH policy and the benefits of reform among government stakeholders. We are helping the government build its DH Sector Strategy in line with the revised National Energy Strategy, providing recommendations in the “White Paper on Transforming District Heating in Ukraine” and supporting the ‘roadmap’...

ESP technical assistance in adoption of EU gas metering and quality standards

March 17, 2021

ESP technical assistance in adoption of EU gas metering and quality standards

The USAID Energy Security Project (ESP) aims to improve Ukraine’s gas sector through activities in production, transmission, and distribution segments. Our work, in coordination with the Government of Ukraine, is focused on initiatives that enhance energy security through the introduction of global best practices, increased transparency, and market principles to support gas consumers and...