About UsOur Goals

USAID Energy Security Project (ESP) seeks to create open and competitive energy markets and increase resilience of energy supply, which will promote broad-based, economic development for Ukraine.

Specifically, USAID ESP focuses on:

Competitive Energy Markets

Ensuring quality energy products and services, delivered at competitive prices, for the benefit of Ukrainian consumers.

European Integration

Facilitating Ukraine’s integration into European energy markets, including the interoperability of energy networks, and compliance with EU energy directives.

Energy Independence

Ensuring Ukraine’s capacity and commitment to self-reliance, and security from the threats of kremlin-backed aggression.

Renewable Energy Development

Facilitating private sector-led investments in renewable energy to meet EU integration commitments and reduce dependence on energy imports.

Empowered Sector Regulation

Providing independent, competent and empowered sector oversight, ensuring a fair and level playing field for all market participants.

Customer-focused Approach

Providing affordable, reliable, secure and resilient energy services to citizens, responsive to consumer concerns, delivered with high customer service.

Public Trust

Tackling corruption, ensuring transparency and accountability in government policy, regulatory practice, and corporate governance.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Ensuring environmental sustainability and working with civil society to ensure that tariffs are aligned with citizens’ ability to pay.

Gender Integration

Promoting greater integration and participation of women and underrepresented groups in the energy sector, including technical skills building, leadership development.

Robust Consultation and Coordination

Ensuring complementary programming with other donors and IFIs, and full integration with Ukraine’s self-reliance agenda.

USAID ESP is aligned with U.S. Government objectives to ensure that Ukraine is more secure from the threats of corruption and russian aggression, and that Ukraine’s capacity and commitment to self-reliance is advanced through competitive energy sector reforms.