About Us

USAID’s Energy Security Project (ESP) works with Ukrainian government, private sector, and civil society leaders to improve Ukraine’s energy security and transform Ukraine’s energy sector into a modern, market-oriented, EU-integrated, engine of growth.


ESP seeks to strengthen Ukraine’s energy security through parallel investments in the electricity, gas, district heating, and renewable energy sectors.

True energy security requires that quality energy services are affordable, reliable and secure for all Ukrainians. To this end, through ESP, USAID supports:

Affordable Energy
Encouraging cost-reflective electricity tariffs, while taking into account people’s ability to pay.

Reliable Energy
Strengthening Ukraine’s national power grid, and bolstering the cybersecurity of critical energy infrastructure.

Secure Energy
Helping to diversify Ukraine’s energy sources and expanding opportunities for cross-border trade, freeing Ukraine from energy dependence.

ESP builds on previous USAID technical assistance programs, and provides practical support for sector reforms that will foster open and competitive energy markets. ESP is designed to deliver tangible results, such as minimizing system blackouts, decreasing dependence on russia for energy and electricity supply, modernization of inefficient power plants through leveraged investments, increasing cross-border trade with European neighbors, and improving access to reliable energy services at fair and affordable prices for all Ukrainians.