Special Focus

January 24, 2024

I consider strengthening Ukraine’s energy security through conscious consumption a personal contribution

Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Danylo Burlai

With the beginning of a full-scale invasion, critical infrastructure facilities became targets of deliberately targeted enemy fire. Electric substations burned like torches, transformers blazed like bonfires, and main power lines were torn like threads. It was then that we all felt how vital energy security is.

January 23, 2024

The reliability of the energy sector directly affects the country’s economy and the quality of life of its citizens

Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Mariia Bezverkha

The energy security of Ukraine is an important aspect of the life for each Ukrainian as well as of future generations. It means that our country should have sufficient access to energy resources to meet the needs of its citizens and economy. For Ukraine and for many other countries, it means ensuring a reliable supply of gas, electricity, oil, and other types of energy to meet domestic needs. It also means that these energy supplies should be stable, reliable, and safe for the environment.

January 22, 2024

We need to unite our efforts to prompt response to challenges in the field of energy security of the entire region

 Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Sofiya Zaladovska

The establishment and development of an independent energy market in Ukraine is one of the key goals of economic planning to restore the resource and industrial capacities of our country. The energy sector requires effective and prompt management of emergency situations, as well as making sophisticated decisions to respond to today’s military and political challenges.

January 19, 2024

I dream to invent technology extending solar panels life term and decentralize electricity generation

Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Andriy Kulchak

The issue of energy security became especially acute for Ukraine with the beginning of a full-scale invasion. The stoppage of Russia's supply of energy resources (natural gas, nuclear fuel, oil, and oil products) forced the Ukrainian government to reconsider the issue of energy security. This war crystallized the role of Ukraine's energy sector in ensuring the European continent's energy security.

January 18, 2024

For stable functioning, the Ukrainian energy infrastructure requires modernization

Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Bohdan Kaliuta

In the modern world, energy security issues are especially acute for countries that became independent only a few decades ago and are actively developing. Energy security is one of the most critical components of national security, and its provision is crucial for the country's sustainable development and well-being.

January 17, 2024

Safety is a priority area of ​​work when developing the design of energy facilities

Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Kseniia Petryk

Ukraine's energy security is one of the critical national strategic tasks crucial for national security, economic stability, and country development. This problem became especially urgent with Russia's seizure of Crimea and part of the eastern regions of Ukraine, and on February 24, 2022, with a full-scale invasion.

January 16, 2024

Considering the martial law, it is essential to implement a wide range of measures to enhance energy security

Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Vadym Honhalo

All areas of human life, the functioning of small, medium, and large enterprises, medical and educational institutions, financial institutions, and electric transport depend on energy. I especially want to highlight the electric power industry because it powers lighting, communications, production lines, etc. The availability of electricity allows heat pumps to be activated, which provides the population with heat and hot water.

January 15, 2024

We want our energy facilities to be protected from attacks by reinforced concrete

Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Mariia Okhrimenko

Ukraine's energy security can be divided into two components:

independence of the energy system from external security influences
the availability of energy resources, their rational use, increasing the stability of the energy system, increasing the stability of energy supply, increasing the efficiency of energy generating plants, taking energy efficiency measures, reducing the percentage of heat loss, using small and medium-sized distributed generation, the ability to accumulate energy, optimal timely solutions in emergencies, effective use of available resources, modernization of outdated energy equipment, etc.

January 12, 2024

Energy security is the foundation for the economic and social spheres, without which sustainable development and decent living conditions are impossible

Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Serhiy Shemliy

The International Energy Agency (IEA) defines energy security as the uninterrupted availability of energy sources and the possibility of using them at an affordable price. My vision of energy security echoes the one provided by IEA specialists. For me, energy security for Ukraine means sustainable energy supplies for industries, the general population, and all other consumers and transparent and equal access to energy services. It also includes the development of the energy sector in compliance with environmental standards and respective international agreements (e.g., the Paris Agreement).