Special Focus

January 11, 2024

Conscious energy consumption contributes to the strengthening of Ukraine’s energy security

Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Yulia Smal

The notion of energy security is multi-faceted and related to phenomena and processes in the energy sector and beyond. Energy is a strategically important sector, the safe and stable operation of which impacts the daily, uninterrupted functioning of all industries of Ukraine. Energy security means being confident in the availability, affordability, and possibility of sustainably receiving quality fuel and energy regularly under both normal conditions and emergencies. In other words, energy security is the protection of the state, its citizens, and the economy against an energy deficit. 

January 10, 2024

Ensuring a steady energy supply in war conditions is quite a challenge

Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Yulia Kirnytska

Energy is not just a physical quantity; it ensures the heartbeat of Ukraine, the functioning of everything: from enterprises to our homes, everything we use. Previously, young people might only sometimes think about where energy comes from and how important energy security is. However, with the full-scale invasion of Russia, the word blackout appeared in the dictionary of every Ukrainian. It seems that it was then that we felt how vitally necessary and more important than ever a stable energy supply is. It turned out that ensuring a steady energy supply in war conditions is quite a challenge.

January 9, 2024

The energy consciousness of every consumer strengthens Ukraine’s energy security

Essay of the Winner of the Contest,  Mykyta Klochko

The energy security of the state means, in fact, much more for each of us than it first appears. Its components include protection against destruction, availability of particular sources of energy from other states, and the energy behavior of each consumer. I want to tell you how I gained insights into this issue and its role in my life.

January 8, 2024

Сonscious consumption and energy-efficient measures may ensure proper maintenance of the Ukrainian energy system

Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Sophiia Zhyvogliad. 

Ukraine's energy security determines not only the country's economic development but also its national security, independence, and the fate of millions of citizens. In this essay, I want to share my opinion on strengthening energy security for Ukraine and me.

Strengthening Ukraine's energy security will allow us to reduce our...

January 5, 2024

Ensuring a stable energy supply allows enterprises to develop and create new jobs

Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Nazar Batechko

Ukraine's energy security is a crucial component of the country's national security and provides stable and reliable access to energy resources to ensure the needs of our society and economy. Energy security includes a variety of aspects, such as diversification of energy sources, effective use of available resources, development of alternative and renewable energy sources, and reduction of energy dependency. Energy security also foresees effective preventive measures against potential emergencies in the energy sector, such as power cutoffs or interrupted gas supply.

January 4, 2024

Ukraine’s energy security is an integral component of Europe’s energy security

Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Anton Darnytskyi

Ukraine's energy security is one of the most critical components of the country's national security and is an integral part of Europe's energy security.

A country's energy security means confidence that fuels and electricity of adequate quality are available, affordable, and can be supplied in stable ways under both normal conditions and in emergency situations. In other words, energy security means protecting the state, its citizens, and the economy from an energy deficit.

January 3, 2024

We need independent, distributed, and alternative energy sources to remain a sovereign country

Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Maryna Bodia.

From dawn to dusk, I look at our city, hoping that our energy system will survive despite current challenges, and I would like to share my thoughts about energy security and why it is the most important for our country.

Now, we understand the importance of a stable energy supply in a special way. Last winter, we often had power cuts in our city. And although it has become a habit for us, these power cuts caused inconvenience and stress. We were forced to use candles and look for heating sources to warm ourselves when the district heating was off. Such power cuts affected our everyday routine, and we understand it may keep affecting us in the future.

January 2, 2024

Strengthening Ukraine’s energy security is a task that requires joint efforts

Essay of the Winner of the Contest, Julia Zhuk

Energy security is one of the most important components of national security for any country, including Ukraine. This term covers a comprehensive set of issues that allow the sustainable, reliable, and efficient operation of the energy sector of the country, is crucial for its economic growth, social development, and national security. The dependence on imported energy sources, in particular coal and gas, makes Ukraine especially vulnerable to external influences and geopolitical risks. The energy security of Ukraine is also related to ecology issues, such as air pollution and climate change, as a considerable amount of energy is generated using coal.

December 22, 2023

USAID Helps Ukraine Strengthen Its Energy Security

Since 2018, USAID through its Energy Security Project (ESP) has been providing comprehensive technical assistance to the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine (MoE). This assistance is aimed at strengthening the country's energy security, integrating Ukrainian energy markets into European ones, and reforming the energy sector following the principles of sustainable and reliable energy supplies, energy affordability for Ukrainians, and efficient operation and development of energy infrastructure.