Competitive selection of partner cities to support reforms aimed at optimizing and developing heat supply infrastructure

March 1, 2021

USAID ESP announces a competitive selection of partner cities! The competition will result in the selection of five partner cities where municipal stakeholders will receive technical assistance to implement reforms to optimize and develop their heat supply infrastructure. Submission Closing Date and Time – 31 March 2021, 14:00.


Under the framework of cooperation with the partner cities, USAID ESP plans to:

  • Develop a heat supply scheme for each selected partner city;
  • Work out a strategy for long-term heat supply system development and draft a list of priority projects to improve each heat supply system; and
  • In order to prioritize the investment projects, build a concept and cost estimate, assess investment impact and determine a potential financing source for each project.

The project will sign a partner technical assistance agreement with (і) the city council for the full package of support or (іі) the city council and the local teplokomunenergo; this will be decided at the local level.

USAID ESP will select partner cities based on criteria (download) that reflect Project goals, requirements and conditions to ensure the Project’s success in achieving its objectives.

To explain the selection process, USAID ESP plans to hold an online briefing. The date and time of the briefing will be announced on the Project’s Facebook page  (for all updates, please follow the news on that page).

Representatives of cities who wish to participate in the briefing are requested to inform USAID ESP of their decision by email:

The application form to participate in the competition can be found at this link: download.

Submission Closing Date and Time – 31 March 2021, 14:00.

 When you fill in the form, please provide full and accurate answers to all questions. You are free to add any relevant information that you deem to be important. The completeness of the application and the fullness of answers will be taken into consideration in the selection process. Each application will be ranked based on a points scale under the selection criteria (download).

 Please fill, sign, seal, scan and send the application (download) to the USAID ESP Office at the following email addresses: