Policy brief on legal requirements for direct lines

June 12, 2023

This policy brief explores the use of direct lines in the European Union (EU) and Ukraine. A direct line is an electricity line that either links an isolated generation site with an isolated customer or links an electricity producer and an electricity supply undertaking to directly supply their own premises, subsidiaries, and eligible customers. The possibility of supplying energy directly from the producer (specifically, from small and medium cogeneration installations) to the consumer of electricity is particularly important for the undisturbed functioning of critical infrastructure during the continuous energy crisis in Ukraine.

This brief provides an overview of EU legal requirements regarding the construction and operation of direct lines, analyzing the practices of EU member states. Additionally, it examines the requirements of Ukrainian legislation concerning the construction and operation of direct lines. Ultimately, it aims to provide insights into best practices for the construction and operation of direct lines to improve the regulatory framework in Ukraine.