USAID ESP Will Develop a Distribution Network Development Plan for Kharkivoblenergo

March 11, 2024

On March 6, 2024, USAID’s Energy Security Project (ESP) launched a new initiative that aims to enhance Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. The project focuses on developing a Distribution Network Development Plan for the Kharkivoblenergo Distribution System Operator (DSO).

Opening the kickoff meeting, Deputy Director at USAID/Ukraine’s Office of Critical Infrastructure, Kathleen Kirsch stated, “USAID assistance to restore the energy sector must be aligned with the strategic plan to strengthen Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, enhance its resilience, and provide reliable networks. USAID ESP will further enhance its cooperation with Ukrainian Distribution System Operators to not only recover the security of electricity supply for civilians but develop future focused distribution networks. It will cement Ukraine’s energy security and modernize its energy system.”

USAID ESP Deputy Electricity Sector Lead Roman Dorosh added, “We chose the largest region with complex and varied existing and future needs. The future of Ukraine’s power system, especially at the distribution level, must consider new consumer demands, increased generation and active use of renewables, and existing and planned generation and energy storage capacities.”

The new project will develop a five-year Distribution Network Development Plan for Kharkivoblenergo DSO with a perspective development of the 20 (35) kilovolt and above distribution network to enable the reliable, safe, and economically efficient operation of the electrical energy distribution system. The project foresees:

  • Developing a sustainable and high-quality electricity supply for the consumers of Kharkiv, considering the necessity of reducing losses and outages, while also promoting the decarbonization of the distribution system.
  • Developing and justifying strategies for the further enhancement and modernization of the existing Kharkivoblenergo DSO network. This will facilitate regional growth and enable the integration of distributed generation, including renewable energy sources and energy storage systems, into the Kharkivoblenergo DSO networks.
  • Developing protection systems, emergency, and technological management channels as well as automated systems for operations, electrical energy metering systems, and communications.

Artem Pasko, Project Manager of Ukrainian Distribution Grids, underlined that restoring the power grids and planning their future development would allow the Kharkiv region to play an active role reinforcing Ukraine’s national energy security.”

Through this technical assistance, USAID ESP will help to develop reality-based plans that will inform (guide) the national energy strategy and reform agenda, which will support Ukraine’s further integration with the European Union.