USAID Energy Security Project launches a comprehensive training program on biomethane production in Ukraine

January 19, 2024

On January 17, 2024, the USAID Energy Security Project (ESP) in cooperation with the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (BAU) launched a comprehensive training program on biomethane production in Ukraine.

The main goal of the Training Program is to equip Ukrainian stakeholders with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop impactful biomethane projects that will create permanent job opportunities, stimulate investment in local communities, and help Ukraine reduce its carbon footprint. The insights shared are expected to foster innovative approaches and encourage the development of robust strategies that align with global best practices. The Program will consist of 5 modules that will take place weekly until Feb 14, 2024.

The program was opened by Kathleen Kirsch, Critical Infrastructure Team Leader, USAID/Ukraine Office of Economic Growth, who emphasized the value of biomethane for Ukraine’s energy independence and sustainable development. “The significance of biomethane in today’s economy and energy discourse cannot be overstated. As Ukraine embarks on a journey towards energy independence and sustainability, the role of biomethane becomes increasingly pivotal. These workshops aim to bridge the gap between current practices around the world and the immense possibilities that biomethane offers, especially in terms of aligning with European Union standards and contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future”, said Katheleen Kirsch.

The lecturers of the first module of the program – Chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (UABio), Dr. Georgii Geletukha and member of the UABio Expert Council, PhD Yurii Matveev – told the participants about the global state of biomethane development, potential research and peculiarities of the biomethane market development in Ukraine. The lecturers also paid attention to modern production technologies, the synergy of biomethane with green hydrogen, and the potential for implementing the best practices of European biogas and biomethane production in Ukraine.

Rafael Monroy, TetraTech Global Clean Hydrogen Advisor, noted that the training program contains the most relevant information and analyzes best practices in biomethane production, which should raise awareness and expand the community of biomethane enthusiasts.

During the upcoming modules, participants will delve into the topic of biomethane production in Ukraine, read case studies, and learn practical examples. Participants who complete most of the modules and successfully pass the test will receive certificates of completion.