USAID Energy Security Project delivered 667 generators for the needs of local councils and district heating utilities

May 10, 2023

Since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through its Energy Security Project (ESP), has delivered 667 generators of various capacities for the needs of local councils, district heating utilities, and educational and medical institutions in thirty-four settlements in 14 oblasts of Ukraine. This $6.2 million USAID assistance made it possible to supply heat and electricity to the Ukrainian people during the 2022-2023 heating season.

Photo by USAID Energy Security Project. Generators for Vinnytsia.

Out of a total of 667 generators, the Project handed 137 generators over to the utility company “Kyivteploenergo” to support the capital’s heat energy sector operations. These generators help to supply heat and hot water to more than 160 residential buildings, 30 healthcare facilities, 25 educational institutions, and more than 220 government agency buildings, and provide backup power to Kyivteploenergo’s production premises, enable dispatch control, and enable repair teams to fix damaged heat network infrastructure.

USAID ESP, together with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the USAID Healthcare Reform Support Project, delivered 60 generators for the needs of communal non-commercial medical enterprises, such as oblast clinical hospitals, primary healthcare centers, diagnostic and treatment centers, emergency medical care centers, healthcare departments, and special medical supply depots in Zaporizhzhia, Khmelnitskyi, and Sumy oblasts. The generators help to save patients’ lives when healthcare facilities lose centralized heat and power supply due to russian airstrikes.

In addition, secondary schools in Chernihiv received 31 diesel generators, making it possible for 13,000 Chernihiv schoolchildren to continue their studies in lit and heated classrooms. During electrical blackouts, the diesel generators also power the emergency shelters’ lighting, heating, and water supply systems, enabling them to charge cellular phones and other communication devices.

USAID ESP handed the remaining generators to city councils and local district heating utilities. The USAID-funded generators, worth over $6.2 million in total, enabled local district heating utilities to supply heat, water, and electricity during the 2022-2023 heating season and be ready to provide support in the next heating season if needed.