Ukraine Energy Support Fund allocates EUR 26.3 mln to restore energy facilities

July 25, 2023

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund (UESF), managed by the Energy Community Secretariat (EnCS) and verifying Ukraine’s utmost needs with the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, has approved vital financial aid for three key energy facilities severely damaged by Russian missile attacks. The USAID Energy Security Project (ESP) will carry on the related procurements, performing as an independent procurement agent for UESF.

A part of the funding, EUR 15.2 million, aims to expedite Kremenchuk’s Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP) restoration ahead of the winter season. It will enable power, heat, and hot water supplies to the city’s households, administrative buildings, businesses, and surrounding areas.

Another part of the funding, EUR 8.5 million, is aimed at a prompt restoration of the capacity and performance of Kharkiv’s CHP-5, enabling to strengthen Kharkiv’s energy resilience during the upcoming winter months.

And EUR 2.6 million will enable Kramatroskteploenergo to refurbish the damaged infrastructure and enable steady heat and hot water supplies for critical infrastructure facilities, households, businesses, and public institutions during the colder months.

UESF provides financial support for repairing critical infrastructure damaged by Russian attacks and keeping the Ukrainian energy sector functioning. EnCS manages a total pledge of approximately EUR 220 million. To date, EUR 166 million has been received from governments, international organizations, and corporate donors to restore Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

USAID ESP is an independent procurement agent for Ukraine Energy Support Fund. Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy verifies the most urgent needs. The most recent list of utmost Ukraine’s energy facilities needs is available in the Tenders section on the USAID ESP website. Detailed information for potential suppliers can be found on EnCS’s website.