The USA supports Ukraine’s European energy integration and provides technical assistance for the development of Ukraine’s electricity market

June 11, 2022

U.S. Ambassador Bridget A. Brink and USAID Head of Mission in Ukraine, James Hope, during a visit to NPC «Ukrenergo», congratulated it on ENTSO-E’s decision to open Ukrainian electricity exports to Europe. The United States fully supports Ukraine’s energy integration with Europe and, via USAID and its Energy Security Project (ESP), continues providing «Ukrenergo» with expert assistance through projects dedicated to ENTSO-E synchronization and electricity market development and system planning and operation.

Synchronization of the Ukrainian power system with ENTSO-E has already significantly improved the energy security of Ukraine and its Integrated Power System and thus – improved the reliability of electricity supply for consumers. Furthermore, the synchronization paves the way for full integration of the Ukrainian electricity market with Europe, including the start of joint cross-border capacity allocations and the coupling of organized market segments.

USAID ESP continues to provide technical assistance for the continuing ENTSO-E synchronization, opening new opportunities for electricity exchange between neighboring countries and strengthening competition in the domestic market. The opportunity to export will provide foreign currency proceeds for the electricity sector and the state budget and can be used to assist with the financial liquidity issues in the industry and rebuild destroyed critical infrastructure facilities caused by the war.

USAID ESP provided 300 first aid kits and ten personal protective equipment sets to NPC «Ukrenergo». The equipment will keep maintenance workers safe as they monitor and repair Ukraine’s power lines and other electricity infrastructure.

In total, USAID plans to deliver 500 protective vests and 3,000 first aid kits to Ukraine’s energy maintenance workers. This is part of a $2.5 million package of PPE, software, drones, first aid kits, and electricity generators that USAID is providing to Ukraine’s gas and electricity network operators. USAID will continue to help Ukraine build a more modern, reliable, and competitive energy system that is integrated with the country’s European neighbors.