Guaranteed Buyer Commissions Renewable Energy Generation Forecast System with support from USAID Energy Security Project

June 17, 2021

The State-owned enterprise “Guaranteed Buyer” has been improving generation forecasts for renewable energy (RE). Support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) provided to the enterprise through the Energy Security Project (ESP) made it possible to significantly progress this work. Cooperation on renewable generation forecasting and planning between the Guaranteed Buyer and the USAID ESP involved Enercast, a German provider of renewable generation forecast technologies. The company operates in 20 countries worldwide and provides forecasts for over 180 GW of installed wind and solar energy capacity.

“Accurate and reliable forecasting is one of the priorities of the Guaranteed Buyer. We have taken only the first step and implemented some of our strategic plans in this area. Our forecasting accuracy is improving day by day. This enables us to better manage our portfolio for over 7 GW and minimize imbalances. In the years ahead, the system will be expanded and improved which will enable the Guaranteed Buyer to forecast with the highest possible accuracy. The first results give us grounds for optimism,” commented Kostyantyn Petrykovets, Director of the State-owned enterprise Guaranteed Buyer.

To arrange forecasting, the Guaranteed Buyer collected necessary information on technical specifics and equipment by each of the generating plants which is part of the Guaranteed Buyer’s balancing group. The enterprise’s experts processed the received data and adapted them in line with the requirements of the new forecasting system. The period of testing and integration of forecasting results into the Guaranteed Buyer’s software is currently underway.

Thanks to the new system, the state-owned enterprise will receive more accurate forecasts of solar and wind generation. Large bulk data is currently being processed by special algorithms, considering weather forecasts from different sources, geolocation of generating plants, historical data, and other relevant sources.

The USAID ESP will continue to support the State-owned enterprise Guaranteed Buyer in improving its renewable generation forecast efficiency.