Transformers Sources Sought Notice

Energy Security Project (ESP) funded by USAID and implemented by Tetra Tech ES, potentially looking for Autotransformers and Transformers for transmission and distribution grids ranging from 50 to 333,000 kVA capacity, to be used in Ukraine. All transformers must comply with Ukraine voltage levels (0.4, 6, 10, 15.75, 20, 35, 110, 150, 220, 330, 400, 500, 750 kV) and 50 Hz frequency. Tetra Tech is seeking vendor capability statements for vendors to contact when specific requests are needed. For the below information, please only include information for Autotransformers and Transformers that comply with the above requirements.

Please provide a Capability Statement with the following information:

  1. Company information, including main point of contact details
  2. Types of Autotransformers and Transformers that your company offers (with brief technical specifications including voltage regulation capabilities)
  3. Estimated quantities of those transformers that could be delivered to Ukraine by March 30, 2024
  4. Estimated cost per transformer for each type of transformer
  5. Location the equipment would be shipped from
  6. Are you able to ship equipment to Ukraine?
  7. If yes, please provide illustrative shipping methods to Ukraine and estimated pricing for shipping

Please provide a Capability Statement at your earliest convenience to to be added to our vendor distribution list for all future transformer procurements.