Passive Protection of Substations Sources Sought Notice

Energy Security Project (ESP), funded by USAID and implemented by Tetra Tech ES, Inc., is potentially looking for technologies and methods for passive protection of High Voltage (HV) for transmission and Mid Voltage (MV) for distribution system equipment and relay protection rooms of substations from missile and artillery attacks, to be used in Ukraine. 

Decentralization and containerization of relay protection equipment, creating underground control rooms, building protecting walls or shelters for HV equipment, and other suggestions for passive protection of substations will be considered.

USAID Energy Security Project (ESP) seeks a vendor capable of offering and implementing the most efficient and low-cost solution for the passive protection of substations.

Please provide a Capability Statement with the following information:

  1. Company information, including the main point of contact details
  2. Propositions for passive protection of substations
  3. Any related experience and/or already available solutions?
  4. Estimated cost and time of construction per 1 bay 110-220 kV
  5. Are you able to perform the EPC contract in Ukraine?
  6. If yes, please indicate the term of execution of such a contract
  7. If not, what and how can you provide external support?

Please provide a Capability Statement at your earliest convenience to